Picture of Elisabeth Heggløv
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Elisabeth Heggløv

Head of Public Sector in the Nordics and the Enterprise Risk business area.

Head of Public Sector in the Nordics. Passionate about improving our public services, innovation and working in a team. She divides her time among her husband, two children, friends and EY.

Elisabeth is Head of Public Sector in the Nordics and the Enterprise Risk business area. Elisabeth is a seasoned consultant who works with larger transformations where change management and organisational development when introducing new processes, new technology and new organisations are key. What characterises the project Elisabeth has manager are that they are highly complex, involve major organisational and technological changes and significant changes for employees in the organisation. Elisabeth assists customers in understanding how they must change to adapt themselves to challenges of the future.

How Elisabeth is building a better working world

I have assisted customers in the public sector for many years, by improving their offers and services. It makes sense to walk around Oslo and see that our parks are flowers and green areas, that travellers enjoy multiple departures and that the rail sector links Norway together, from families, a mother and child, a grandfather and a grandchild and a couple who is newly in love. I find it extremely motivating that the way I contribute can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

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