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Passionate about helping family business owners become aware of who they are and what their values, driving force, roles and responsibilities are through good frameworks for ownership over generations.

Mette Ballari

Private and Family Enterprise Leader, EY Norway

Believe in helping owners become aware of their responsibilities. Contribute to positive ripple effects. Many years of experience in helping owners achieve strategic priorities.

Areas of focus Family enterprise Growth
Office Oslo, NO

Mette has 18 years of experience as an advisor for family-owned businesses in the Nordic countries, and has previously been a part of funding and leading the organization Family Business Norway. She assists owners in creating sustainable growth and competitive advantage across generations. Mette joined EY in 2017 and is head of EY Private and Family Enterprise team. In collaboration with Bjørgun Jønsberg she has built “The Art of Owning a Family Company” – EYs center of competence for owners and the next generation of owners of family businesses. Mette is also responsible for EY's "Woman Fast Forward" program in Norway. Mette is also responsible for EY’s program "Women Fast Forward" in Norway.

Mette has attended the courses ‘Family Business Advance Advisor’ and ‘Wealth advisor’ at the Family Firm Institute (FFI) in Boston. Furthermore, she has specialized in strategic leadership, sustainable business strategies and disruptive strategy at Harvard Business School. With extensive experience and practical expertise, she helps family businesses with corporate governance by offering various programs such as "Future owners" and "Future Leaders". In addition, she and her team have developed the "Innovation program for the next generation of owners" and "How to ensure continuity in the family business".

By supporting people to become aware of who they are and what their driving force is, she helps them make conscious choices for themselves and their ownership. Through creating and using good frameworks for owners across generations and designing ownership strategies, the owners and the next generation are brought together toward a common driving force and goal – to ensure continuety.

How Mette is building a better working world

As much as 80% of all value creation in the world today stems from family businesses. This implies that the choices owners make, will have a huge impact on the direction in which the world moves. Mette wants to contribute to owners becoming aware of their role. Through various programs and counselling, she challenges the owners to create major changes in both their own lives and the lives of others, including creating good frameworks for co-ownership across generations.

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