Picture of Moa Correira – Head of Strategy, EY Doberman
To innovate at the speed that is needed today, we need organizations where experimentation is enabled, and learning is celebrated – prioritizing progress over perfection.

Moa Correira

Head of Strategy, EY Doberman

Works with early-stage innovation. Seeks to solve key challenges through design. Energized by culture and the open sea.

Moa is a design-led innovation strategist and leads EY Doberman’s strategy offering. For the past 20 years, she has bridged human-centered insight, trend forecasting, future strategy, experience design and digital product development.

Her area of expertise is early-stage innovation that requires new and different perspectives and methods, running processes that are collaborative, and where design is used as a driving force to progress quickly through experimentation and iteration.

Prior to EY and Doberman, Moa was in head of strategy roles at brand & business design as well as forecasting & future strategy agencies. She mainly works with clients within the fields of learning, health, culture and urban development, where she puts social and environmental sustainability high on the agenda.

How Moa is building a better working world

“I look at the future with a sense of urgency and hope. Big transformations are needed to tackle pressing challenges and I believe in the power of design and innovation to do so.

Navigating an increasingly uncertain future takes courage and commitment. I, therefore, work with organizations to both manifest brave long-term visions and act on them at the moment, designing digital products that help businesses claim new ground and mobilize change.”

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