Photographic portrait of Wim Soens
Innovation and technology are key to address the challenges of this transformative age. But in the end, it’s the people and culture that will make the difference. They are the foundation of success.

Wim Soens

Director, EY CogniStreamer, Ernst & Young LLP

Founder of EY CogniStreamer . Right brain engineer. Entrepreneur and musician. Loves the jazz of innovation.

Wim Soens is the Founder and Managing Partner of EY CogniStreamer. In this role, he leads a software product team and business that provides proprietary collaborative innovation management technology, supporting clients to engage with innovation ecosystems and support broad innovation and transformation projects.

Wim started his career at a multinational electronics company in 1990 and held several positions in procurement, resource planning and financial management. In 1996, he became managing director of a start-up pioneering in the multimedia and web development fields.

A few years later Wim founded CogniStreamer, which quickly became a market leader in collaborative innovation software and services. In December 2016, CogniStreamer was fully acquired by EY.

Wim holds an MS in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Business Engineering from Ghent University in Belgium.

How Wim is building a better working world

Wim helps clients to discover, develop and deliver innovative services that make a better working world. This is backed up by more than 20 years of entrepreneurship, experience in the software business and knowledge in open and collaborative innovation — both at an academic level and at an industrial level through implementing diverse innovation programs and platforms in multiple industries including retail, logistics, finance & assurance, P&U and chemicals. 

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