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What the future holds for Nordic consumers: a macroeconomic perspective

Tune into our webcast on October 6 for a macroeconomic perspective on what the immediate future holds and its impact on consumer behavior.

Forecasts show that inflation will outpace wage growth in 2022.  Against the backdrop of persistently-elevated inflation and tightening financial conditions, we see spending power dropping and short-term constraints falling on business investment. High and rising energy prices are feeding through to household bills and the cost of other goods and services, pushing consumer-price increases into double-digit territory in many countries. However, GDP growth in 2023 should remain positive.

Topics to be discussed: 

  • What are the new trends emerging from a macroeconomic perspective? 
  • How could these trends influence consumer behavior? 
  • What should businesses keep in mind as they navigate the current economy?

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Marek Rozkrut
EY EU & CESA Chief Economist; EMEIA Economists Unit Head


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