EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ New Zealand 

How will your imagination leave a lasting impression?


Nomination Tips

Nominations launch in April and are due in June. A strong and well-written nomination is powerful and compelling to the judges. Consider the following important points when completing a nomination form.

It’s about you! This is an opportunity for you and your company to receive well-deserved recognition for the many accomplishments you've achieved. The judges want to hear about both your individual accomplishments as well as the successes of the company. Bragging is encouraged. This is not the time to be humble.

Understand how you will be evaluated. The judges will consider entrepreneurial spirit, value creation, strategic direction, national and global impact, innovation and purpose-driven leadership. It is a balanced scorecard. Keep these traits in mind and emphasise them throughout your nomination form. 

Tell a story. Paint a unique picture of your history, entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments. Use vivid language and create an engaging story. 

Be concise. Stay within the word count limit, as the regional judging panel includes entrepreneurs and prominent business leaders who have limited time to review a large number of applicants.

Demonstrate results. Make sure your achievements are measurable. Quantify and expand on your growth in the long answer portion of the form with specific numbers, percentages and statistics.

Compare yourself to the industry. Not all judges will be experts in your field, so make sure they know how you stack up to the competition and how you differentiate yourself in the market. Tell your story as if you were talking to a stranger.

Be persuasive. This is your opportunity to convince the judges why you should be a finalist and ultimately an award recipient, so put on your best marketing hat and remember to be authentic.

Polish and edit. Improper grammar and misspelled words distract from the quality of the nomination, so make sure to proof your work. Help the judges understand you and your company better by effectively explaining what your company does in a simple manner. Spell out any acronyms and avoid company jargon.

Meet the nomination deadline. Careful planning and preparation will ensure that your nomination is received on time.