EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ New Zealand 

How will your imagination leave a lasting impression?


Program Benefits

As the most prestigious business awards program in New Zealand, the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards celebrate our most innovative leaders.

Participation in the awards process elevates your company’s brand awareness, provides networking opportunities with peers, an exclusive membership to our global entrepreneurial network and growth opportunities. The program is also an opportunity to celebrate your achievements and publicly recognise the contributions of the team who made it possible. Entrepreneur Of The Year finalists and winners receive extraordinary publicity beyond their communities and networks. It is not just an award — it is an ongoing community of leadership through alumni events, access to advisors, speaking engagements, media profiles and interviews.

Awards criteria

It is more than just numbers. Based on a balanced scorecard, awards are given to entrepreneurs who have demonstrated excellence and sustained success in such areas as innovation, value creation, strategic direction, national and global impact, purpose-driven leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. Award winners are selected in a number of categories by a panel of independent judges, including previous winners, leading CEOs and business owners. Entrepreneurs may nominate themselves or be nominated by peers.

Continuing education opportunities

There are several ways to enhance your experience with the program:

  • One-on-one advisory meetings with EY professionals to help guide your business strategy.
  • Attending EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Forum, where EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Award winners from around the globe compete to be named the ultimate EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year.  
  • Through our alumni mentoring, you can tap into guidance from those who have been there before you.