Photographic portrait of Heather Greatrex
A family business has a heart and a soul – created from the family's story, values and love. The years of experiences, the celebrations and the heartache, creates the who, what and how - and importantly, the why.

Heather Greatrex

EY Oceania Family Enterprise Leader

Supporter of business owners, excited by others’ success, love of family, committed to good mental & physical health. Natural habitat is an environment where I am learning, growing & helping others.

Heather is an accredited Family Business advisor who has a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of family enterprises both through her own family business and supporting clients. Heather works with the owner, the business and the family to preserve wealth and optimise value. Heather’s diverse training includes a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, MIT accreditation for Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy and FFI Family Business Advisor.

How Heather is building a better working world

"Family dynamics add layers of emotion to managing family enterprises, creating both benefits and burdens. We support owners, their families and the enterprise to define a path for long term success and build a framework to guide them, keep them focused and accountable over the years. By identifying purpose and building trust, families can create resilience to offset the ongoing pressure and inherent challenges of working in a family enterprise.”


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