Photograph of Juliet Andrews Sydney
When we work in genuine partnership with our clients we can amplify each other’s strengths and deliver true value

Dr Juliet Andrews

Partner, People Advisory Services

Leader in solving complex workforce challenges. Inspired by the future of work. Mother to three teenagers. Greatest skill – managing time!

Juliet has been consulting on workforce solutions for over 20 years. Through her career she’s worked with diverse organisations to help them solve their increasingly complex workforce challenges. Juliet helps them identify the capabilities they need now and in the future, and how to create the right culture, leadership and structures they need to  continue to adapt to the changing skill needs and environment. 

Juliet has a PhD in Organisation and Management and is a registered psychologist with AHPRA. Prior to EY Juliet consulted with vocational education and D&I talent firms.

How Juliet is building a better working world 

"I want to use the time I have at work to deliver something valuable. The work I do delivers improvements to people’s working lives, either through new skills they obtain, better working relationships, improved culture, or opportunities to work in new ways.

When engaging on a project I look for pragmatic and effective solutions that will deliver value and can be implemented. Time spent on design is critical, but the great design has to be able to translate to action." 

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