Photographic portrait of Kyle P Lawless
In a time of political transformation and growing debate around a company’s role within society, organizations must engage and recognize the links between political risk and corporate performance.

Kyle P. Lawless

EY Global Geostrategic Business Group Operations Leader

Helping global organizations navigate political disruption. Innovator. Intrapreneur. Believer in the power of business, governments and societies to solve global challenges. CrossFitter.

Kyle helps organizations understand the impact of politics on performance and devise strategies to mitigate risk and seize opportunities. He advises businesses on building resilient operations that integrate political risk assessment into risk management and strategy.

Prior to his current role, Kyle held a variety of roles across the EY organization. Most recently, he advised global companies on both domestic and cross-border transactions as a member of Strategy and Transactions. He began his career as an auditor.

In addition to his role at EY, Kyle serves on the board of Victory Programs, a Boston-based nonprofit, and is a member of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation’s New Frontier Network and a longtime volunteer for the Boston Athletic Association. He is a CPA and earned his BBA in Accounting from the Commonwealth Honors College of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

How Kyle is building a better working world

“We are living through a geopolitical paradigm shift, and global organizations need to rethink how they operate and grow. As the impact of globalization is debated around the world, an evolving expectation of a company’s role in society demands greater engagement with stakeholders. By helping clients better understand the political, economic and social environments in which they operate, I am helping them move forward with confidence, engaged with and embedded within society.”

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