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Join us for the EY Tech Connect podcast series, where we have candid conversations and share strategic insights about the most pressing priorities that matter to tech, media & entertainment, and telecommunications companies today. Connect with us to discuss new opportunities and how to tackle emerging challenges.

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How to maximize the top 10 tech opportunities

In this episode, we take a deeper dive into the top 10 opportunities for tech companies in 2023.

Episode 9

24m 24s


Ken Englund

Ernst & Young LLP US North America Technology Sector Advisory Services Principal

How talent is key to transforming your operating model

In this episode, we discuss how talent can be an essential component of a transformational agile operating model.

Episode 8

32m 42s

How COVID-19 impacts the customer experience

In this episode, our speakers discuss the impact of the pandemic on customer experiences and how it’s altered our interactions with service providers, retailers, each other and everyone in between.

Episode 2

25m 22s

How 5G drives the future of connectivity

In this episode, our speakers discuss connectivity and how it’s been a lifeline for how we live, work, play, eat and shop during the pandemic and for what lies ahead.
Episode 1
34m 07s