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Reframe Your Future Series

Are you reframing your future, or is the future reframing you?

Tackling the key questions of our time, this series of professional interviews, featuring a select group of business and government leaders, will focus on getting to the heart of ‘living’ the challenge of reframing our future during a time of  profound change.​ Well-known TV presenter and journalist Natarsha Belling will host an exciting 6-part conversation series showcasing the human side of a CEO.

Natarsha will focus the discussion around the concept of 'reframe your future' and look at life beyond COVID-19, with a focus on what leaders are doing to reframe their future and how they are transforming to succeed. 

Meet the Business and Government Leaders

Elizabeth Gaines
Chief Executive Officer
Fortescue Metals Group
Elizabeth Mildwater
Deputy Secretary, Greater Sydney
Transport for NSW
More videos coming soon...


How will Australia’s recovery help us reframe for a cleaner, more prosperous future?

As all industries face up to rapid change and economic uncertainty, leaders must harness technology at speed and drive innovation at scale, while ensuring humans are put firmly at the centre of every initiative.

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