Photographic portrait of Samuel B Kaye
Every day, I help firms find answers to questions such as, 'What rules do we need to comply with? Are we currently compliant? How do we become compliant?'

Samuel B Kaye

Director, Financial Services Risk Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Tech enthusiast. Regulatory and risk professional.

Samuel is the Global Product Manager for the EY Regulatory and Compliance Manager solution at Ernst & Young LLP. This next-generation compliance management solution helps firms digitally manage front-to-back compliance within a shifting and complex regulatory landscape.

He has a broad and international perspective of the regulatory agenda, having supported global, European and UK banks from business, regulatory and operational perspectives.

Samuel operates on the frontier of emerging technologies to find new and innovative ways to make financial services fair, inclusive and efficient for everyone.

An MBA holder, Samuel earned his MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics.

How Samuel is building a better working world

“I’m helping EY clients address the past, present and future challenges of compliance with evermore efficient and transformative solutions. My motivation is to discover innovative and efficient ways to navigate and demonstrate compliance within an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Across a career in both industry and consulting, my focus straddles both technological and regulatory arenas. My work helps businesses operate in a way that complies with applicable regulations to support and enhance our world.”

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