Photographic portrait of Shogo Iwamoto
To make the right investment decisions, not only do you have to understand and analyze market dynamics and possible competitive advantages, you must also investigate the market’s future prospects.

Shogo Iwamoto

EY Japan Strategy and Transactions, Technology, Media and Telecom Sector Leader; EY-Parthenon Japan, Managing Director and Partner

Business development and investment advisor for clients in the technology industry. Film lover. Traveler.

Shogo is a partner with EY-Parthenon in Tokyo. With more than 20 years of transactions and management consulting experience, he has advised clients in M&A strategy, business development and strategy, investment decision and divestment.

Industries he has worked in include telecom, technology, manufacturing, IT and medical equipment.

Shogo is focused on assisting companies with emerging market strategy, business development, portfolio analysis, M&A strategy, investment decision and divestment projects.

How Shogo is building a better working world

As a consultant with a core focus on growth strategies, he has aided companies in entering foreign markets and developing new business models. Shogo’s work has led to the emergence of new structures and reformations in the social environment. By helping clients make better investment decisions and solve their complex issues, he contributes to building a better working world.

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