Photographic portrait of The Future Society

The Future Society

Independent nonprofit think-and-do tank

The Future Society is an independent nonprofit think-and-do tank. Its mission is to advance the responsible adoption of AI and other emerging technologies for the benefit of humanity.

Areas of focus AI Digital Technology

The Future Society leverages a global, multidisciplinary network of experts, practitioners, and institutional partners. Its work encompasses policy research, consulting services, seminars and summits, educational programs, and special projects. The Future Society is independent yet connected to all relevant stakeholders, and tackles a broad, but carefully selected, range of short-term and longer-term issues in AI governance.

The Future Society’s expertise, independence and commitment to advancing the governance and trustworthiness of AI has earned it the trust of key stakeholders in the ecosystem including governments, industry, international organizations, academia and civil society.

The Future Society is listed among the “Best Artificial Intelligence Think Tanks 2019” by the University of Pennsylvania Lauder Institute’s Global Go To Think Tank Index.

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