The interest of multinational investors in strategic partnerships with Vietnamese counterparties has increased. We give them insights to navigate the tax and regulatory risks and successfully drive home the deal.

Trang Pham

Senior Partner, Tax, Enrst & Young Vietnam Limited

Passionate to provide clients with solutions to business issues, mitigate risks and increase shareholders’ value.

 Trang Pham is Senior Partner, Tax at Enrst & Young Vietnam Limited, specializing in tax advisory for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, corporate restructuring, corporate fund raising and efficient tax operation models for inbound and outbound investments.

She has been working with multinational companies expanding their business in Vietnam and fast-growing Vietnamese corporates venturing overseas for over 15 years.

Throughout the course of her activities, Trang has been conducting due diligence of target companies’ operations and compliance, assessing potential tax exposures impacting the transaction value, structuring advisory pre- and post-acquisition, and assessing cross-border tax implications on the operation model and tax optimization opportunities.

Trang is also actively involved in helping Vietnamese start-ups to re-organize holding structures and operations to raise funds from strategic investors.

Her major clients include foreign investors, private equity funds and big Vietnamese corporates in various industries, including real estate, e-commerce and technology. Trang holds a Master of Business Administration's (MBA) degree from Nanyang Business School, Singapore and is a member of CPA Australia.

How Trang is building a better working world

Trang helps clients to form a holistic view of how the international and jurisdictional tax environment may impact their operation model when they make cross-border investment. Through obtaining insights about the new market, clients are able to adapt their business models to take the best advantage of the host country.

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