Yoshihiko Nakatani

Yoshihiko Nakatani

Former EY Global Japan Business Services Leader

Helping to manage the network supporting Japanese companies’ overseas investments and activities. Passionate young talent for globalization. Interested in golf, fishing and traveling.

Yoshihiko led the EY Global Japan Business Services professional network worldwide. 

With strong technical skills in accounting and finance as well as extensive experience on overseas assignments, he has been leading global accounts in the technology and consumer products sectors.

Yoshihiko holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Keio University.

How Yoshihiko is building a better working world

“In my role as JBS leader, I help manage the network which provides Japanese companies with assistance in globalization and overseas investment and operations. Increased connectivity and networking among clients and people on a global basis would enhance the opportunities to achieve goals for companies and people involved. We can also help prepare our future generations for the next stage.”

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