Photographic portrait of Inaki Amate
Design and creativity help us to innovate and transform organizations whilst keeping customers at the center.

Iñaki Amate

EY Asia-Pacific Design and wavespace™ Leader

Design strategist. Innovation and transformation leader.

Biuras 香港

Iñaki leads the EY digital practice across Greater China and the wavespace network across Asia-Pacific.

He is one of the pioneers of the service design industry globally and has helped to build and lead a global design and innovation company in Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia for over 14 years. He contributed to build design ecosystems in Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Hong Kong and Finland. He also helped to build in-house design and innovation teams for clients such as multinational telecom companies and banks.

Iñaki holds an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics, a master’s degree in Economics and Digital Marketing from the Swedish School of Economics and a BA in Business Management.

How Iñaki is building a better working world

Iñaki helps clients succeed in transforming their businesses and get everyone in the organization aligned in the process, while building the best possible human-centered culture and leveraging the best technology.

He is continuously experimenting with new ways of working. Over the past months, he led the Hong Kong wavespace team in adopting and designing remote workshop facilitation techniques.

Iñaki has also helped different organizations define their purpose and improve their working culture.

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