A photographic portrait of Clare Payne
Trust is good for society and good for business, but instead of focusing on ‘winning’ trust, we should be asking, am I being trustworthy? And, is what we are doing right? Linking trust and ethics is critical to building good relationships that will last.

Clare Payne

EY Fellow for Trust and Ethics

A leading voice on ethics in society.

Office Sydney, AU

Clare Payne is the EY Fellow for Trust and Ethics and an Honorary Fellow of The University of Melbourne. Clare advises businesses and leaders on ethics, good governance and trust.

Clare is a former employment lawyer who managed the integrity office of Macquarie Bank and founded The Banking and Finance Oath. Prior to the global financial crisis, Clare’s paper titled, ‘Ethics or Bust’ was awarded the inaugural Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize by the Observatoire de la Finance, Geneva. Clare went on to co-author A Matter of Trust - The Practice of Ethics in Finance and continues to write for a range of publications.

Clare is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and is recognised as an Australian ‘100 Women of Influence’. She holds a Bachelor of Communications and Laws and is a Vincent Fairfax Fellow for Ethics in Leadership.

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