EY Ecosystems: orchestrating technology, data and relationships

Orchestrating technology, data and relationships can harness the transformative power of ecosystems.

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Orchestrators of opportunity 

As markets re-engineer, new opportunities arise. By combining EY industry knowledge and business acumen with scalable solutions underpinned by leading technology, we help you seize market opportunities and realise transformation.

Together, EY and EY-Parthenon teams create ecosystem strategies that unlock new sources of value, create new forms of competitive advantage, and drive agility, efficiency and resilience across your organisation.

Unlocking ecosystem value

We orchestrate the right technology, data and relationships to drive transformation.

  • Technology-led transformation

    We use leading technology and assets to transform entire business functions and processes for clients.

  • Business transformation

    We orchestrate and develop platform-based solutions, backed by category-leading partner capabilities that improve business change and performance at scale.

  • Market transformation

    We define and build ecosystem strategies that help our clients re-engineer entire value-chains, markets and industries.

Is your ecosystem assembling capabilities, or creating new ones?

Ecosystems combine a broad range of skills, technologies, products, services, experiences and data from multiple partners in ways that transform what’s possible.


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Ecosystem strategy

Together, EY and EY-Parthenon can help you develop an ecosystem strategy that assesses the strength of existing partnerships, identifies new market opportunities and determines your role within targeted ecosystems. 

The result is a strategy that transforms operations and governance structure by aligning incentives across relevant elements of the value chain to drive ecosystem growth. 

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Ecosystem engineered platforms, solutions and products

We use ecosystem partner technology, intellectual property and capabilities to co-create platforms, products and solutions that build, support and underpin every element of our clients’ businesses ecosystems. 

These platform-based solutions, backed by category-leading partner capabilities, accelerate business change and performance at scale.

The EY Partner Ecosystem

We work, collaborate and co-create with our own category-leading ecosystem partners to drive transformation, performance and growth for our clients and their stakeholders. 

By combining EY business expertise with alliance and ecosystem partner technology and assets, we deliver solutions and offerings that optimise business processes and reimagine entire business functions. 

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Collaboration and ecosystems are the future of business

Almost half of the US' 500 largest companies could be gone in the next decade. To survive, businesses are going to have start taking collaboration seriously.

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EY Think Ecosystem podcast

The EY Think Ecosystem podcast series explores the intersection of technology, collaboration and innovation.

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