Photographic portrait of Debraj Dutta

Debraj Dutta

EY UK Intelligent Automation Leader, Financial Services

Leader in intelligent automation. Advising clients on how to drive cost efficiencies and improvements in service quality through automation.

Debraj is a Partner in Financial Services at Ernst & Young LLP United Kingdom. He leads the intelligent automation capability for UK Financial Services.  

Debraj has 20 years’ of experience in advising global financial services clients on their operations strategy, process design and use of intelligent automation technology solutions to drive significant cost efficiencies and substantial improvement in service quality in the banking and insurance sectors.

How Debraj is building a better working world

“Technology is revolutionising the way the world operates, and EY teams are leading the way in supporting clients in building and deploying intelligent automation solutions across their business. These solutions can be applied across EY clients entire value stream and are unlocking huge potential for them, not only quantitatively, but also from a product proposition and customer experience perspective.

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