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Driving disruptions and new ways of working is much more exciting than trying to manage it.

Derik Vorster

EY Oceania, Director, Intelligent Automation & Emerging Technology

Seasoned business improvement professional that leads diverse teams of professionals to design and implement transformational journeys enabled by disruptive technologies.

Areas of focus AI Automation
Office Auckland, NZ

Derik started his career as a typical Industrial Engineer designing, building and automating manufacturing facilities. Over the past 20 years Derik has used these process skills to assist clients across the globe to address complex problems using technology as an enabler. Derik has worked with a broad range of industries from manufacturing through to services environments. He also has a Masters degree in business administration and have lectured on automation and improvement at Tshwane University of Technology. 

How Derik is building a better working world

I’m an enthusiastic individual who believes that systematic changes based on strategy is the most sustainable way an organisation can achieve the desired outcomes. I’m specifically attracted to a human centred approach to implement disruptive technologies as an enabler of achieving long lasting social impact.  I make things faster and cheaper by using technology. Over the years of helping clients improve their business with technology I have learned that making a business work is not as easy as just solving a technical or theoretical problem. You need to be pragmatic, adaptable and able to take people with you on the journey.

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