A photographic portrait of Matt Lovegrove
The future of work is more human, not less.

Matt Lovegrove

EY Asia-Pacific Markets and BD Leader, People Advisory Services Partner

Develops and deploys talent. Husband. Two great sons. Former rugby player. Squash player.

Matt is an experienced, senior business executive with over 20 years’ experience within the ICT and Professional Services industries, both in Australia, as well as across Europe and Asia.

Matt and his team enable business success through engaged people - from talent acquisition, to talent development and deployment (including global mobility), to talent retention through reward and compensation planning, and HR performance improvement.

He is an Associate Member of CPA, has a Bachelor of Economics and is a former Chair of APMP in Australia New Zealand. 

How Matt is building a better world

“The future of work is more human, not less, despite the hyperbole you read every day. Being a part of driving this change motivates me, and I’m passionate about creating a better working world for my two boys and their generation.

I'm doing that by engaging with our clients to understand their people challenges, and then working with our teams and alliance partners to design and execute solutions for them." 

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