Photographic portrait of Roxane Markarian
Our fragile earth needs us to urgently innovate more sustainable ways of doing business. A wealth of incentives and grants are available for companies to fund their net zero journey.

Roxane Markarian

EY Global Quantitative Services Sustainability Leader; Partner, Grants, Credits & Incentives, Ernst & Young LLP

Grants, credits and incentives specialist. Passionate about sustainability. Background in Bioresource Engineering. Wife and mother of two. Cancer survivor.

Areas of focus Sustainability Tax Innovation
Office London, GB

Roxane is a Partner in the Global Grants, Credits & Incentives service at Ernst & Young LLP.

First in Canada and now in London, she has over 22 years of experience in managing grant, credit and incentive engagements for a range of businesses from smaller private enterprises to large multinationals, often involving multi-country, multi-disciplinary teams. Much of her work directly supports businesses to fund their journey to net zero by improving the retrospective and forward-looking incentives they can access.

She is experienced in consumer products, retail, environmental & agriculture sciences, utilities, manufacturing and renewables and cleantech.

In common with many members of the EY Global Quantitative Services team, Roxane has a strong science and engineering background. Prior to the EY organization she worked as a research engineer in the agri-food sector, which included investigating the impact of agricultural structures on greenhouse gas emissions.

She has a Masters degree in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University, Montreal.

How Roxane is building a better working world

Every incentive unlocked for a business helps them to fund their sustainability ambitions. By combining her engineering background with her deep incentive knowledge, Roxane supports businesses to tell a compelling story about how their innovations and other projects qualify for a wide range of government incentives and grants. Roxane and her team allow EY clients to access these incentives in an improved way while reducing disruption to their business.

As an EY Global Leader, she unites EY incentives professionals across the world to provide joined-up support for multinational businesses to fund their boldest climate targets.

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