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At EY, we are all about building a better world, starting with yours. We're one of the big 4 but we figure we’re a bit different. That’s why we like to hire people who think a bit differently too.

EY is the place to start a career that really means something. We’re team players with a genuine people culture and we want to support your life and career goals from the start.

At EY we want our teams and individuals to thrive from the beginning. With a focus on a collaborative people culture, we’re interested and open to your new ideas and lateral thinking. You’re invited to bring your fresh perspectives to the table and share your insights whether you’ve gleaned them on the sports field, have a passion for creative arts or are fascinated with detail, systems, problem-solving and emerging technologies.

We believe in lifelong learning with flexible working options, paid study leave, an enjoyable and positive work culture and continuous opportunities as your career progresses. We want you to exceed our expectations but we’ll also exceed yours. We’re looking for graduates with no borders on their ambitions.

Building a better working world. Starting with yours.

Our award-winning graduate programmes:


Our graduate programme in Assurance is all about providing solutions to help clients make informed decisions that increase stakeholder confidence. It includes understanding the key business and financial risks facing clients and the markets they operate in, reviewing processes, designing tests and verifying accounting treatments and numbers, all whilst complying with accounting and auditing standards. If you’re an organised person, with a eye for detail and the ability to see things others can’t, you’ll soar in a career in assurance.

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Our graduate programme in Tax is all about being a trusted advisor who can work with clients as tax evolves and advise on how best to react to those changes. It offers one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding careers out there. Companies today face increasingly complex tax and regulatory changes, which means our role as trusted advisors is more important than ever. Our clients rely on our Tax team’s extraordinary understanding to best manage their assets and ensure they’re being taxed properly. If you’re a curious person with insatiable hunger for knowledge and a talent for spotting trends, you’ll thrive in a career in tax.

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Business Consulting

Our graduate programme in Business Consulting is all about providing expert knowledge to advise on a broad range of issues across a variety of industries for companies looking to grow, change or improve performance. Our clients rely on our Business Consulting team’s expert knowledge to advise on a broad range of issues across a variety of industries. We offer guidance to companies looking to grow or change, or improve performance. Business Consulting is a fast-moving, high-growth area that reflects the challenges and uncertainty of today’s world. We look for people with commercial acumen who are inquisitive, analytical and ambitious. You’ll need to challenge us, act on your own initiative and demonstrate the potential to become a future business leader. If you’re an organised person, with a creative eye for detail and the ability to see things others can’t, you’ll ace a career in advisory.

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Technology Consulting

Through our NextWave strategy, our role is to understand what technological challenges our clients are facing to find and deliver the best solutions to help them improve how they work and be their chosen partner to take them on their digital transformation journeys. Our teams specialise in a range of skills from those with existing computer science and programming expertise to those from wider STEM backgrounds but the desire to learn. If you have an interest or passion for technology and great with people, then this is the role for you.

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Assurance - Data Analytics 

Our Data Analytics team sits within our Assurance department, and tackles the complex issues of fraud, regulatory compliance, and dispute services. Working on projects ranging from corporate fraud investigation to big data analytics or simply designing and developing intelligent solutions to solve our clients’ complex data challenges.

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Strategy and Transactions

Our graduate programme in Strategy and Transactions (SaT) is all about advising clients on when and how to buy, sell or merge companies in order to improve growth, competitiveness and profitability. SaT offers a particularly exciting job of advising clients on when and how to buy, sell or merge companies in order to improve growth, competitiveness and profitability. Strategy and Transactions supplies the data, highlights the risk and guides the client through the potentially perilous forest of capital transactions. If you’ve got a focused mind, a team ethic, an insatiable curiosity and an ability to clearly communicate your thoughts, we think you’ll soar in a career in SaT.

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Our award-winning undergraduate opportunities: 

Summer Internship Programme

In your penultimate year of college and want to get ahead in your career? You could do a summer internship with us. It’s paid work experience with one of our teams across Ireland. After kicking things off with an induction to EY and some business skills training, you’ll soon be doing the same work as our graduates on real client projects. If we’re impressed with you and your work, we may offer you a graduate position. 

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Work Placement Programme

Join us for six to twelve months (depending on your degree course) of immersive learning and working experience with EY. Want to see how your knowledge applies in the real world? You’ll be part of the team here, with responsibility on client projects. We’ll pay you a salary and even help you get a head start on your professional qualifications. The really good part? If we’re impressed with you and your work, we may offer you a graduate position.

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Discover EY

If you’re a undergraduate student, our Discover EY Programme is a great way to see if you could enjoy a career with us. You’ll meet inspiring people from different parts of our business. Through workshops, case studies and networking sessions, you’ll learn lots about what we do – and about yourself.

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We do our best work when diverse teams of people bring together different perspectives, backgrounds and abilities. That’s why, whatever your story, we’ve created a workplace where you can succeed and belong.

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