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EY Technology Managed Services has emerged as a leading solution in the continuously changing business world of today, companies are always on the lookout for methods to optimise efficiency and maintain a competitive edge. With the support of EY Technology Managed Services, enterprises can refine their processes and concentrate on their primary strengths, paving the way for growth and prosperity.

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EY Ireland Managed Services

Technology Managed Services

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What EY's Technology Managed Services can do for you

EY's Technology Managed Services allow clients to offload the complexities of IT infrastructure management, enabling them to concentrate on key business objectives. In exchange, clients benefit from state-of-the-art technology, robust security, scalability, and regulatory compliance. 

EY's global presence further allows standardisation and economies of scale.  The primary advantage is that clients can engage EY for guaranteed outcomes, making their organisations more agile and market responsive. Overall, EY's services offer a strategic avenue for companies to focus on core activities that drive growth and innovation. 

What sets us apart?

EY stands apart as a Technology Managed Services provider due to our deep business and industry knowledge, advanced technologies, and global expertise. By leveraging the EY network, we can offer robust SLAs and 24/7 responsive support. This allows companies to reduce risk, minimise downtime, and gain predictable costs.  

By partnering with EY, enterprises can transfer the burden of monitoring, maintenance, and support to experts who are aligned with the outcomes of your business goals. This gives companies the peace of mind that their systems will operate optimally, allowing them to focus on core business goals.  

Our Technology Managed Services

  • Cyber Ops

    EY’s Next Gen SOC consists of people, process and technology operating to detect, respond and contain a cyber-attack before business assets are impacted. Our Threat, Detection & Response (TDR) solution enables clients to improve and accelerate deployment and maturation of their threat detection, threat response and threat hunting services, and provide an integrated interface with incident response capabilities. It helps clients detect and contain attacks from the time hackers successfully penetrate an enterprise. 

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  • SAP

    As one of the leading SAP service providers in Ireland, EY provides a full range of SAP Managed Services to support our clients with running their SAP estates in an optimised and cost-effective way.

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  • Data and Insights

    By employing EY Data Technology Managed Services, businesses can capitalise on EY’s expertise, industry leading practice, proven assets, and accelerators to augment, enhance and accelerate their data and insight strategies and in parallel reduce risk, improve operational efficiency, and drive improved business outcomes.

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  • Systems Engineering

    The System Engineering Managed Services from EY Ireland provides support to our clients with the management and operation of custom built mobile and web applications, encompassing front end, middle tier, integration, database and cloud technologies, in an optimised and cost effective way.

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  • Intelligent Automation

    Through the utilisation of data and process analytics and the latest digital enablers, we merge the physical and digital worlds to improve efficiency and identify business process improvements by collaborating with people, process, and technology at the right levels.

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  • Cloud

    EY Cloud Services are one of the leading automation service and software providers globally, leveraging our network to identify strategies and opportunities such as tailored operating models and centres of excellence  to deliver and support multi-cloud infrastructure and applications across organisations— facilitating savings, reducing risk, and providing better user experiences.

  • Digital Manufacturing

    Our Digital Manufacturing Managed Services is designed to support the critical IT and OT infrastructure and applications in the manufacturing environment, sustaining high levels of stability and reliability, with a cost effective, compliant solution, ensuring that the site delivers the products on time as planned.

    Our focus is on optimising the total cost of ownership over the lifecycle of the assets, both software and hardware, allows clients to maintain the performance levels achieved on day one. We can provide 24 X 7 support for all control assets for your day-to-day operations needs in manufacturing, with our front-line support team.

    Together, we help solve your biggest challenges in manufacturing processes quickly, sustainably and cost effectively.

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