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Combining EY thought leadership and Pegasystems technology, we help clients achieve business results through intelligent process automation that increases customer engagement and operational excellence. 

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How do you get to next before next gets to you? 

As the emergence of new channels and technology accelerates, the modern enterprise needs the ability to drive continuous digitization and transformation. EY and Pegasystems (Pega) teams provide broad global technology offerings, from initial assessment through deployment and ongoing services, to help our clients achieve unprecedented business outcomes. With EY’s global focus on business innovation to help clients solve their most complex issues and Pega's dedication to streamlining processes and enhancing customer engagement, together we are connecting customers across channels to enable their success.

Combining EY thought leadership and Pega technology, we help clients achieve business results through intelligent process automation (IPA). With IPA, the path to better business outcomes is recognizing the business events that matter and segmenting them into work that can be orchestrated through a series of actions and decisions. This process allows an organization to take full advantage of automation technologies, including business process management (BPM), robotics, artificial intelligence and decisioning to drive faster time to value, increase customer engagement and help deliver higher ROI.

Our solutions

Traditional ways of managing and supporting business processes are being disrupted by new technologies like artificial intelligence which promise to bring speed, simplification and significant cost optimization. But these outcomes are rarely achieved simply by deploying digital tools. 

EY teams help companies navigate this disruption by bringing a business-led approach focused on driving outcomes. As a result, we are able to provide innovative solutions based on Pega technology. Some of those solutions include:

  • AI-guided troubleshooting

    All healthcare insurance organizations in the US are required to have processes in place to accept and process complaints from their members and providers. These complaints are referred to as appeals and grievances. These cases are regulated by federal agencies, and require response within specific service level agreements, communications to the member or provider that lodged the complaint. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in costly penalties. AI-guided troubleshooting helps to effectively address appeals and grievances through the use of Pega’s case management and Customer Decision Hub solutions. 

  • Compassionate Collections

    The Compassionate Collections solution transforms the collections process. It starts with an artificial intelligence (AI) data-driven early warning system to identify potential delinquency and segments customers currently in default. EY collections models are then loaded into the Pega Customer Decision Hub (CDH) to find the right targets and offers. EY Voice finds the customer situation and supplies it to CDH and/or the case, so offers are personalized to each situation. It then leverages the Pega Collections platform to provide transparency and compliance. Finally, the EY Financial Health Coach navigates the customer through a gamified interface to better financial health and the route to cure. The result is better collection rates at a reduced cost while building a stronger customer relationship.

  • Customer Decision Hub (CDH)

    Customer Decision Hub (CDH) optimizes customer lifetime value by providing an “always-on brain” for your business -- consolidating disparate data and analytics and funneling them into a single, connected platform. It enables the ability to predict customer needs and seamlessly deliver tailored interactions for truly personalized experiences. Made possible through a combination of EY business processes and Pega technology, CDH drives real-time, next-best-action decisions that allow for meaningful 1:1 customer engagement, resulting in increased loyalty and retention to maximize revenue growth.

  • Digital Financial Health Coach

    EY NextWave outlook on banking in 2025 gives clear direction that consumers will be looking more closely at their financial health. In addition, consumers will be looking to subscribe to personalized, value-based offerings from traditional and non-traditional financial services institutions. EY Digital Financial Health Coach solution leverages Pega’s Customer Decision Hub for next best actions, the omni-channel platform to provide a gamified user experience, and case management to assign tasks to the customer. All this drives them to financial health and financial product fitness. The Digital Financial Health Coach will increase positive customer interactions, help customers achieve their goals, build trust with the financial institution, and ultimately build stronger relationships.

  • EY Voice

    EY Voice is an AI-based solution for transcribing recorded agent calls or inbound messages into text, extracting insights and driving actions. The solution uses the Pega platform to leverage custom models that have been developed by EY Analytics and applied to a variety of areas, including class reason classification, sales practice reviews, customer complaint routing, marketing message violations, fraud authentication and more.

  • Financial crime management

    As both the banking and insurance sectors see a growing number of financial crimes and are challenged to maintain the people and systems to effectively monitor such transactions, EY teams offer our FinCrime managed service built on the Pega platform. Transaction alert investigations are critical business functions of risk and compliance, and execution with exceptional quality is crucial to meet the business and regulatory requirements that the process requires. EY has a proven and robust approach to governance, quality and training to support and enhance these services. EY is ranked by Risk Award as the #1 Consulting organization for anti-money laundering service for three of the past five years.

  • IBOR Transition Solution

    The ending of Interbank Offered Rates (IBORs) will likely lead to major changes across a broad suite of financial products and markets. IBOR rates will cease to be published on December 31, 2021, and the effects will be significant.  Banks will have to work through contracts worth hundreds of trillions of dollars to determine which need to be renegotiated.  The number of counterparties, complexities of the documents, the potential for negative client experiences and the risk of conduct issues require that this process be properly orchestrated.  EY teams have joined forces with Pega to deliver the IBOR Transition Solution; through the combination of an open architecture and best-of-breed technology, EY and Pega can uniquely help manage your back book transition process.

    Learn more about IBOR transition services.

  • Integrated Business Planning (IPB)

    EY-Pega Integrated Business Planning (IBP) helps organizations meet their most complex challenges through a comprehensive approach that combines EY’s process improvement and business transformation acumen with the speed-to-value enabled by Pega’s intelligent automation platform. EY-Pega IBP identifies the overall business process, finds where relevant data resides on all systems of record, then distills that information into meaningful content that guides smarter decisions. Benefits include a faster system of planning that provides more and better data, as well as greater transparency, synchronization, collaboration and responsiveness across the organization.

  • Know Your Customer/Client Lifecycle Management (KYC/CLM)

    Effective CLM is recognized in the market as the key enabler to drive regulatory compliance, achieve client and employee satisfaction, improve business growth and revenue creation, and provide a consistent view of the client across business lines and jurisdictions. The solution, powered by the Pega platform, drives seamless KYC orchestration and improved risk outcomes for all stakeholders. The EY solution leverages CRM and digital channels, generates digital policy, handles complex workflows and provides greater transparency into onboarding.

  • NextGen Remediation

    NextGen Remediation is a managed services platform designed to remediate customer complaints and issues in a streamlined way. Typical challenges seen in remediation include: low levels of automation, a high level of quality control processes which considerably increase costs; and manual effort required for efficient processes. Our Pega-based solution reduces effort and cost across the lifecycle.

EY recognized by Pegasystems for industry excellence in multiple sectors

We are proud to have been recognized by Pegasystems for industry excellence in Healthcare and Life Sciences and for industry excellence in Government.

Customer case studies

EY and Pegasystems are helping clients solve some of their toughest challenges through innovation and leading technology.  Watch these videos to learn how EY and Pega redefined process approaches for two key clients. 

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