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Discovery services are offered by the EY Forensics team involving experts with IT and accounting skills and with extensive experience in internal investigations in order to collect evidence in the event of established fraud and/or to report the potential fraud risk through the analysis of vast amounts of data and electronic communications.

What EY can do for you

Our Discovery solutions help to satisfy companies and their legal advisors to respond to all their needs and/or questions. The EY team applies the technology to every phase of the reconstruction of the facts: starting from the data acquisition, the initial assessment of the case, the data processing and the revision of documents, up to the production of documentation and the preparation of evidential hearings (in the case of penal proceedings).

EY Italy has a Forensic Data Center in Milan. It is a protected laboratory, not exposed to the outside, which houses advanced Discovery technologies (including Relativity).

E-Discovery Process:

  • Identification and collection:
    • Identification of the involved individuals and other digital material in their possession (e.g. PC, mail archive, network share, smartphone, tablet).
    • Acquisition of the identified digital material, through IT Forensic practices, ensuring the repeatability of the analysis necessary for a possible forensic use of the extracted evidence.
  • Processing:
    • Processing of the acquired data in order to exclude duplicates, recover the deleted material and carry out searches and the application of filters on such data.
  • Analysis and Review:
    • Definition of a list of keywords to be applied to the document base.
    • Review of documents identified both manually and through the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Reporting:
    • Downstream of the analysis of the documents, preparation of the report which includes the work carried out and the related results.

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