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Dispute Services are aimed at supporting our clients and their legal advisors in dispute controversies that require specific accounting, economic, financial and IT skills. From helping you mitigate dispute risks in contracts and deals, to presenting commercial and financial matters in legal proceedings, to managing claims to recover losses, EY teams provide robust knowledge from an independent perspective to safeguard value in your business.

How EY teams can help you

In the latter context, our support consists in arranging and analyzing the available evidence, to better assist the legal advisors in civil and criminal proceedings, as well as insolvency bodies in the execution of their duties.

We actively supported global clients (including listed corporations) and assisted leading law firms (both Italian and international), dealing with:

  • In the context of criminal proceedings, conduction of investigations and the providing technical consultancies for leading clients operating in industrial, pharmaceutical, and banking sectors, also when involved in crimes pursuing Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and / or concerning cyber-crimes; in this regard, our opinions are then being discussed the hearing.
  • In the context of civil proceedings, we grant our support as Technical Consultant (court appointed as well as expert witness).
  • In the context of tax disputes and proceedings, drafting of technical defensive consultancies to the benefit of the company under investigation by tax authorities, including appeal judgements.
  • In the context of contractual disputes, reconstructions, and analysis of request for damages arising by breaches of contract, including large-scale engagements, intellectual property, and unfair competition.
  • In the context of commercial disputes, damages quantification, both in terms of “actual loss” (lit.  “danno emergente”) and “foregone income" (lit. "lucro cessante").
  • In the context of mediation, arbitration, and conciliation proceedings, we grant our support as arbitrator or conciliator, as well as expert witness.
  • In the context of contractual disputes, mediation, arbitration, and conciliation, drafting of technical report to the benefit of the client.
  • In the context of insolvency proceedings:
    • Identification and reconstruction of the state of insolvency
    • Active support in assessing and determining the current liabilities
    • Identification of the key-driver that caused the state of insolvency and quantification of “revocable amounts” (so-called “subjective” and “objective” profiles)
    • Analysis and reconstruction of complex operations, as well as business relationships with third parties
    • Detection of the key responsibilities belonging to the parties involved in the matter

In particular, our technical support embraces the following areas:

  • civil, criminal and tax proceedings
  • contractual disputes
  • national, international, and out-of-court arbitrations
  • assisting liquidators, judicial commissioners, extraordinary commissioners and insolvency administrators
  • in the capacity of technical consultant in civil and criminal proceedings.

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