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The Claims & Disputes team has extensive experience in drafting technical reports, opinions and appraisals on commercial and corporate disputes, in the main industrial sectors and with reference to multiple jurisdictions. 

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Thanks to clear and independent written reports, that reflect our in-depth knowledge of forensic accounting and economics, market dynamics, as well as our presence at national and worldwide level, we contribute to protecting companies interests and their corporate value in pre- litigation and litigation contexts.

In case of litigation, our support consists in arranging and analyzing the available evidence, to better assist legal advisors in civil and criminal proceedings, as well as insolvency bodies in the execution of their duties.

We actively supported global clients (including listed corporations) and assisted leading law firms (both Italian and international), in particular:

  • in the context of criminal proceedings, we conducted investigations and provided technical support to leading clients active in industrial, pharmaceutical, and banking sectors, also when involved in crimes pursuing Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and / or concerning cyber-crimes.
  • in the context of civil, mediation and arbitration proceedings we granted our support as Party Technical Expert as well as Court appointed Expert or Expert witness.
  • in the context of tax disputes and proceedings, we drafted technical reports to the benefit of companies under investigation by tax authorities.
  • In the context of contractual disputes, we reconstructed and analyzed  requests for damages arising by breaches of contracts, related also to large-scale engagements and licensing agreements.
  • in the context of commercial disputes, we quantified damages in terms of actual loss (“damnum emergens”), profit loss ("lucrum cessans") and reputational damage.
  • in the context of conciliation and arbitration proceedings, we covered the role of mediator or arbitrator.
  • In the context of insolvency proceedings, we supported insolvency administrators and judicial, extraordinary and liquidators commissioners in:
    • Identifying reasons and correct date of the insolvency status
    • assessing and determining current liabilities
    • quantifying “revocable amounts” (“subjective” and “objective” profiles)
    • analyzing and reconstructing complex operations, as well as business relationships with third parties
    • detecting key responsibilities belonging to the parties involved in the matter

In particular, our technical support embraces the following areas:

  • civil, criminal and tax proceedings
  • contractual and non-contractual disputes
  • national and international, arbitrations
  • assisting liquidators, judicial commissioners, extraordinary commissioners and insolvency administrators
  • assisting companies and legal firms as technical expert in civil and criminal proceedings.

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