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A multidisciplinary team made up of professionals specialized in corporate compliance, legal matters, organization and accounting, assisted by experts in digital technologies, supports financial crime prevention and corporate compliance programs in the design, implementation and monitoring phases.

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What EY can do for you

In a context characterized by a sharp increase in regulatory complexity and by a growing sensitivity of the business community to integrity matters, the focus on ethics, compliance, prevention and contrast of fraud and anomalous behavior imposes the need to intervene with competence and adequate tools. EY provides experience, methods and technologies that can make the difference. The ability to intervene with high professionalism even in the post-incident phases makes our value proposition unique.

We are able to support internal and external risk assessment activities, design or transform compliance programs and models, implement risk management systems on third parties, fully manage organizational transformation processes on compliance and integrity aspects.

Our team offers:

  • Insights & data driven assessment: analysis of compliance requirements, risks and control system supported by data analytics and data intelligence tools and methods. Extensive mapping of fraud and offense risks supported by globally developed risk libraries and digital risk assessment tools;
  • eCompliance Governance: definition of frameworks, compliance and fraud prevention management models, policy & procedure systems supported by custom platforms.
  • eCompliance Monitoring: implementation of compliance systems through global teams and platforms that allow the preservation of approach uniformity and regulatory specificity.
  • Technology assisted auditing & reporting: definition and development of auditing and monitoring plans and support for auditing and compliance functions in the reporting to the Top Management. Design and implementation of continuous control systems and third parties risk management for the verification and monitoring of fraud and reputational risks.

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Whistleblowing services

A whistleblowing program is not just window dressing. It is a fundamental part of ethical business conduct, designed to foster an environment where everyone feels safe, respected, and able to speak up. An estimated 49% of fraud cases are detected by tip-offs1

It’s not as simple as just putting in a hotline. While the system you choose to operate is critical, organizations must also take steps to ensure that both whistleblowers and the concerns that they raise are triaged, managed, and resolved in line with both national and international laws and regulations.

At EY, we help organizations to develop and implement the right whistleblowing systems to manage fraud risks and to build a stronger culture of trust and integrity.

EY teams can help you to:

  • Design and implement an end-to-end whistleblowing framework
  • Review the effectiveness of your existing whistleblowing process, including comparisons with prevailing regulations and industry best practice
  • Provide triage and investigation support during a whistleblowing incident
  • Implement EY Managed Services offerings (including the EY GDPR- and EU Directive-compliant cloud-based services or the EY speak-up app) or make recommendations for an external whistleblower hotline.

EU Directive on Whistleblowing: a global issue

As of 17th December 2021, the EU Directive on Whistleblowing requires every company or public body in the EU that has 250 or more employees to implement its own internal reporting policy for whistleblowing. By December 2023, this number reduces to 50 or more employees. 

This affects not only EU companies. Multinational organizations operating in Europe that apply a single, global whistleblowing policy must decide whether their current system fits with the EU’s exacting requirements. And if not, they need to assess what needs to be done to comply with both EU and national legislations.

For more information on the EU Directive and to help ensure that you are compliant, please contact us.

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