Meet the 2023 Category Winners

2023 Category Winners

Product Entrepreneur

Nominees in this category are retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of products from all industries.

A photographic portrait of Angus Brown

Angus Brown

Services Entrepreneur

These entrepreneurs are providers of professional services e.g. financial, engineering, architecture, real estate, property, recreation and leisure.

A photographic portrait of Chris Warren

Chris Warren
NZS Group

Technology & Emerging Industries Entrepreneur

Nominees who run businesses within software, hardware, telecommunications, digital media, biotechnology or health sciences industries.

A photographic portrait of Carmen Vicelich

Carmen Vicelich

Young Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs 35 years or younger (as at 18 June 2021) across all industries are eligible for this category.

A photographic portrait of Jamie Beaton

Jamie Beaton
Crimson Education

Master Entrepreneur

A category designed for leaders of well-established businesses that have made a significant commitment to entrepreneurship.

A photographic portrait of David Yu

David Yu