Son Phu Tran

General Director, Ernst & Young Vietnam Limited

Nearly 30 years experienced in auditing profession and assurance services, business restructuring and transformation.

Son is the General Director, Ernst & Young Vietnam Limited (EY Vietnam).

Since joining EY Vietnam in 1996 as an auditor, Son has served a wide range of clients, including, foreign invested enterprises, SOEs and local private groups. 

Son conducts and oversees several audits and related assurance services as part of Initial Public Offering (IPOs), international fund-raising projects as well as restructuring and transformation of local groups.

Son holds a Master’s degree in Accounting from Monash University in Australia.

He is a fellow member of CPA Australia and Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA).

How Son is building a better working world

In his role, Son supports local businesses to develop overall understanding of international standards in the areas of his expertise and flag necessary steps to meet compliance requirements. This is a crucial step for local groups to reach out to participate in regional and global financial markets, and rise to success in a world economy that grows more integrated each day.

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