Strategy and Transactions

EY can help you manage the crisis and stabilize your business in the short-term. We can also help you navigate the downturn and position yourselves for the recovery or look beyond to enable your transformation through corporate strategy and transactions, M&A and divestments.

Strategy and Transactions enables clients to navigate complexity by reimagining their eco-systems, reshaping their portfolios and reinventing themselves for a better future. With global connectivity and scale, we drive corporate strategy, capital allocation and transaction advisory through execution to enable fast-track value creation. We support the flow of capital across borders and help bring new products and innovation to market. In doing so, we enable our clients to build a better working world by fostering long-term value.

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Helping executives understand how the market values companies, to enable them to make informed decisions to maximize shareholder value. 

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Webinar: assista à discussão dos profissionais da EY-Parthenon e seus convidados sobre a forma como a pandemia COVID-19 actua como game-changer no crescimento estratégico e na criação de valor a longo prazo.

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