At EY, we recognise you for your consistently high performance and hard work. For meeting deadlines and challenges, you deserve to be rewarded for your contribution to EY's success. You'll have access to a great range of benefits.

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Leave arrangements

  • Career break

    You can apply for a three-month career break to take time away from work to go travel or explore other personal interests.

  • FLEXleave

    You'll have the opportunity to purchase up to six weeks extra leave. This provides you with more time for study, family or other personal pursuits.

  • Paid parental leave

    You’re entitled to 14 weeks paid parental leave if you have been with EY for less than five years and 18 weeks paid parental leave if you have been with the firm for five years or more. This is on top of the Government’s paid parental leave provisions. This paid leave benefit can be taken on a part-time/flexible basis. Parental Leave Mentoring is available to all EY staff taking parental leave, as is Grace Papers, a digital parental leave platform which provides guidance to EY parents and managers on navigating the transition back to work.

  • Flexibility

    We want to provide our people with greater freedom to choose the flexibility that works for them, their teams and their clients, creating an agile workplace culture that can meet the changing needs of the global workplace. Many of our people model the new way of working, where formal or informal flexibility is adopted in order to balance work and personal responsibilities. 


  • myPerks

    You can take advantage of myPERKS, which offers genuine discounts to a great range of popular retailers. You and your family can save on everything from your everyday groceries and petrol to travel, clothes, entertainment, insurance, homewares, electronics and more!

  • Technology

    You're eligible for discounts on some terrific leading technology brands on items such as laptops, mobile phones and accessories.

  • Banking

    You'll be entitled to banking discounts from a wide range of financial providers.

  • Travel

    You can take advantage of travel discounts, and enjoy cheap car rental.

  • Insurance

    You'll also be eligible for a discount on private health insurance and general insurance.

  • Health

    You'll also have access to discounts on health providers for eyewear, and gyms.


EY is focused on the health and wellbeing of our people and have a wellbeing program dedicated to ensuring EY people maintain good wellbeing. Our wellbeing initiatives cover financial health, physical and mental health, family and community and the quality and value of work.

We support complimentary flu shots, nutritious snacks and fruit in the office, gym corporate discounts and some of our offices offer onsite gyms or wellness centres.

Psychologist support services

You and members of your immediate family can access independent, confidential counselling, free of charge, from professionally qualified psychologists should you need advice on personal, family or work-related concerns.

Social Club

The EY Social Club organises a range of activities, from sporting events to informal and formal social functions, including – in most offices – an annual ball.


We have a range of support processes and material to assist you in managing the juggling act between work and life. This includes emergency childcare support, providing easy access to information on childcare facilities; childcare fees, including government assistance and rebates; and access to our purpose-built childcare centre (Sydney based employees only). We also provide considerable support for our employees returning back from parental leave.


  • Salary packaging

    From your pre-tax salary, you can package an EY compatible mobile device for business use. You can also package airline club memberships, novated car leases, car parking, study expenses, 'approved' gym memberships, as well as making extra contributions to your superannuation.

  • Study Assistance

    We'll help you meet the cost of approved external studies, which may include providing you with financial assistance to cover all or part of your course fees and the cost of your study materials. We may also offer you study and exam leave.

  • Professional memberships

    We'll cover joining and annual membership fees for one professional body each year. This includes the Institute of Chartered Accountants or an equivalent body for qualified professionals.

  • Global Employee Referral Program

    Recruiting the best people is critical to our success, and people like you are often the best source of the best candidates. The Global Employee Referral Program provides you with a cash reward if you successfully refer a candidate. The cash reward is received after the candidate commences work in the organisation.

Working interstate, working overseas

We offer domestic and global mobility opportunities. That means you could find yourself working in other EY offices within Australia – or in one of our offices overseas. You can apply for an overseas secondment once you've had a few years experience with us.