Photographic portrait of Blair Delzoppo
I’m constantly inspired by the power of data and analytics and am in relentless pursuit of new ways to apply emerging technology and AI for business success.

Blair Delzoppo

EY Asia-Pacific Financial Services Data & Analytics Lead

Creative data and analytics visionary. Passionate business - value driver. Avid carpenter and fence builder. Doting husband and father of three.

Blair has more than 20 years of experience working with top-tier consulting firms in information technology. 

He has been a leader in data and analytics across public and private sector organizations in Australia, Asia-Pacific, the UK and Spain. He has worked in industries as diverse as banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, retail, and government at federal and state levels.

Blair works alongside EY clients to develop, design and recommend data and analytics strategies which help maximize the use of information to provide trusted business value. 

His areas of focus are strategy development, applying big data and advanced analytics for business gain, and large program design and solution delivery. 

Blair currently leads Data and Analytics for Financial Services across Asia-Pacific. 

He holds a B.Sc in Business Information Technology from the University of New South Wales in Australia.

How Blair is building a better working world

“I’m building trust by applying data, analytics, AI and emerging technologies to complex client transformations.

The focus is on providing results for EY financial services clients across Asia-Pacific to help them seamlessly manage regulatory requirements, mitigate risk wherever possible and ultimately, drive better outcomes for their shareholders, their workforce and their customers.

This can extend from cybersecurity solutions using advanced machine learning through to developing individualized customer interactions for multinational organizations.”

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