EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 candidates


HORECA was established in 2011 and quickly became one of the market leaders in the professional cleanup products sector. The HORECA team effectively introduced professional hygiene and hygiene products to the local market being an official distributor of a number of renowned international brands. Connecting producers and consumers, HORECA also organizes trainings on the maintenance and usage of chemical cleaning and hygiene products in the HoReCa (Hotels/Restaurants/Catering) sector ( http://horeca.com.az/).

If we live ordinary lives, our stories will also be very ordinary. To create a rich and diverse history, we have to add a sense of adventure to what we do. It's not up to us to prolong our lives, but what we can do is to enrich our lives and do something really worthwhile with it.
Rashkhan Garashli

Sustainable Agriculture nomination

Geothermal Agro is the first agrobusiness in Azerbaijan that uses thermal water in its production process. This company has been applying an environmentally-friendly approach for growing fruits and vegetables in the modern greenhouse facility built on infertile and barren soils.

We’re proud to be the first and the only company in the country that uses thermal water in order to produce fruits and vegetables on barren in an environmentally-friendly manner and ensure rural employment.
Rasim Aliyev
Executive Director

Innovations nomination

GoldenPay is the largest online payment provider in Azerbaijan. The company’s mission is to provide consumers with a convenient, fast and hassle-free method of payments. With this idea is mind, GoldenPay has launched the most commonly-used online payment system, Hesab.az. Effectively, this company provides connection of hundreds of services and execution of payments totaling in millions of Azerbaijani manats (https://goldenpay.az/).

See a big picture and believe it; make up a team and make them believe; be persistent! You will achieve success!
Farid Ismayilzada
Member of Supervisory Board

Regional Development nomination

Woodpecker is a manufacture of furniture and has operated in the market since 2007. The company’s philosophy has been to focus on B2B sector. It offers furniture and furniture products for personal homes, offices, hotels and guest houses, as well as educational establishments. It also provides various consumer services.

In order to understand what’s missing on the market, we constantly deduct existing supply from desired demand. That difference is precisely what our customers wish.
Aliyar Aliyev
Owner and CEO

Social Impact nomination

Prometal is the first manufacturer of polymer coated iron in Azerbaijan. Its production line was designed and installed by Australia’s “Bronx International” Company, a company with 75 years of experience on the market. Prometal succeeded in meeting the demands of the local market, thus ridding it of its dependence on foreign imports. Its technologically advanced production line is operated and managed by local engineers and staff (https://www.prometal.az/).

We’re proud to be the first and the only company in the country that uses thermal water in order to produce fruits and vegetables on barren in an environmentally-friendly manner and ensure rural employment.
Rufat Azizov
Executive Director

Chashioglu RP was established in 1995 as a printing and publishing business. Since its foundation, the company has published a great variety of printed material primarily for educational and academic institutions. As part of its strive to pay tribute to Azerbaijani cultural heritage, it has over the years produced high-quality publications of literary works by prominent writers and poets (http://chashioglu.com/en/).

Our goal is to increase the quality of our products, thus decreasing dependence on importing high-quality printed material.
Hikmat Huseynov

Easydrill provides oil and gas field services, including drilling, integrated inspection, mud logging, as well as a supply chain. Its operations span over the Caspian Sea and CIS regions. In the last five years EasyDrill’s turnover exceeded $50 mln, as the company expanded the number of its clients in the market (https://www.easydrill.az/).

The small and medium sized enterprises have proven to be the best ones in implementing innovative solutions. Therefore, supporting entrepreneurship lays the the foundation of the country's economic wellbeing. Life turns out easier than we think!
Pirim Isayev

Glasshouse founded in 2000, became one of the first glass manufactures and suppliers for the local construction industry. Today, the company uses a cutting-edge equipment from Finland, Italy and Germany allowing to manufacture a broad range of glass products and supply the local construction and architectural sectors with high-quality products manufactured domestically (http://glasshouse.az/en/).

Originally, it’s the business and its needs that drive entrepreneurs. But the real success occurs when the people start leading and driving their business.
Bakhtiyar Bashirov

METAK was established in 1997 with the purpose to import steel pipes and pipe elements from neighboring countries. Presently, the company offers its clients a wide range of steel pipes and their components, mainly used for water-, gas- and oil supplies. The company produces high-quality plastic (polypropylene) pipes and fittings, scaffolding, metal shapes and moulds. The company has recently branched out into recycling and the agrobusiness (https://www.metak.az/en/).

For me, business means not only making a profit, but also being accountable towards the society. For this reason, transparency and honesty are the main criteria for me in my enterprises.
Alik Kerimov

RR Group was founded in 2006, with interests and involvement in various fields, such as construction, trade and logistics. The Company’s mission is to provide effective business management to its various subsidiaries and turn them into recognizable brands, domestically and internationally (http://rr-group.az/).

It is riskier to stick to a stable job throughout your life than to take a chance and build your business. As a businessman you may face temporary risks, whereas being on someone’s payroll is a risk that lasts forever.
Rashad Mahiyev

Smart Solutions has provided integrated ICT services to customers in various business sectors, including manufacturing, oil & gas sector, retail and tourism since 2006. The company creates, implements and supports tailor-end solutions, enabling its clients to manage their businesses more effectively and utilize the opportunities offered by the digital world. The company helps customers to create and launch new products and services, reach out to new market segments and unlock new revenue streams (https://smartsolutions.az/).

We deliver innovative solutions in procurement for the sake of transparent future.
Kanan Tabasaransky
Owner and Founder

Vakiloglu operates in the market since 2016. The company produces regular and premium types of sunflower seeds, as well as croutons, all at the same factory. Fruit production includes flat peaches, nectarines, cherries, nuts, plumbs, apricots, etc.

For me, entrepreneur is the person who strives for risks.
Rashad Mammadov

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ recognizes unstoppable entrepreneurial achievements among individuals and companies that demonstrate vision, leadership and success.

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