EY Growth Barometer

The EY Growth Barometer is an annual survey of global middle-market C-suite leaders that explores their strategies for accelerating growth.

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Country and regional reports

Read our country and regional reports for a local point of view.


How Australia’s middle market companies are leveraging artificial intelligence and looking to new markets abroad to achieve their 10 per cent growth predictions.

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How the Belgian middle market is shaking up business culture to spur growth.

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How Brazilian businesses are putting domestic expansion and customer focus at the heart of their growth plans.

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How Canada’s middle-market businesses are building solid growth on local foundations.

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How the Chinese middle market is taking center stage in the global marketplace.

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How Finland’s resurgent middle market is looking beyond its borders to accelerate growth.

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How France’s middle-market companies are putting overseas expansion at the heart of their growth agenda.

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How German middle-market companies assess their growth prospects.

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Hong Kong

How the Hong Kong middle market is anticipating stellar growth on the back of a buoyant Asia-Pacific economy and overseas ambitions.

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How the Indian middle-market is harnessing AI and building diversity to deliver ambitious growth targets.

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How the Italian middle market is rising above political and economic uncertainty to deliver solid growth.

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How Japanese companies are innovating at home and abroad to meet their growth ambitions?

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How the South Korean middle market is harnessing plans for overseas and domestic expansion to deliver stellar growth

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How Mexico’s middle-market companies are focusing on success at home and the customer experience to drive growth ambitions

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How the Dutch middle market is targeting AI and organic expansion in quest for growth.

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How the Russian middle market is looking to grow strongly despite sanctions.

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Saudi Arabia

How Saudi Arabian middle-market growth ambitions are soaring on the back of sweeping reforms at home and expansion abroad.

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South Africa

How the South African middle market’s growth ambitions are rebounding on a wave of political optimism.

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How Singapore’s middle market is underpinning its soaring growth ambitions with overseas expansion and artificial intelligence.

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How the UK middle market is taking stock amidst uncertainty, but remaining focused on growth, fueled by tech.

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How US companies are harnessing disruption, digitization and customer insights to push forward growth plans.

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US Central

How the Central US middle market is underpinning ambitious growth plans with overseas expansion, customer focus and new technology.

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US Northeast

How Northeast US businesses are building their growth plans on domestic expansion, customer focus and new tech.

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US Southeast

How the Southeast US middle market is using domestic expansion, customer focus and new tech to drive its ambitious growth plans.

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US West

How West US businesses are underpinning growth plans with technology investments, talent and a strong focus on the customer.

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