Incident Response and Resilience

The risk landscape for companies is constantly shifting, with cyberattacks and natural disasters striking more frequently with increasing severity. EY teams are dedicated to assisting clients to prepare for and financially recover from such incidents.

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What EY can do for you

In dealing with crisis, the complexity of decision points, action workflows, and the monitoring of initiatives can be major challenges. EY teams can help you find the right solutions in the aftermath of any crisis such as fire, explosions, floods, windstorms, thefts, cyber intrusions or any other catastrophic situations.  By applying cutting-edge forensic technology, EY teams can successfully manage and monitor initiatives to help organizations document and restore financial losses.


EY subject-matter experts investigate acts of economic crime using interdisciplinary experience and forensic technology to rapidly and discretely compile facts and evidence through a diverse mix of data sources.

Litigation, claims and disputes

EY teams can help monitor commercial dispute risks and provide advice on all financial aspects of contracts and transactions during a crisis. In the role of a mediator, reviewer and arbitrator, EY teams can help protect your business interests and values.

Digitally managed response service

EY teams offer single-source crisis management services. All data is available on one platform and all services are accessible to clients. Beforehand, all conditions are set in a framework agreement so that during an emergency, actions can be taken quickly and effectively.

Compliance and governance support

EY teams can help measure integrity cultures through data analysis, algorithms and scientific approaches to help employees act quickly and ethically.

Business connectivity and crisis management

Corporate security and resilience are presently the main areas of focus in the light of a crisis. EY teams offer an entire range of risk analysis, security concepts and crisis management to strengthen your company and its agility in responding to the exceptional circumstances of a crisis.

Contract and data analytics

Working closely with you, EY teams will find quick and efficient responses to the most urgent challenges. EY professionals will evaluate closed contracts and create an overview of actions with Knowledge Integration (KI) tools to help you manage new and existing contract risks.

Cyber-incident response

Companies are confronted with diverse cyber threats on a regular basis. EY teams can advise you on forensic investigations and responses, help prepare information for court hearings, and create complete cybersecurity concepts.

Claims management

EY teams can help you with claims to quickly understand the scale of losses or damages suffered and prepare and submit forensic reports documenting losses to recover as much as possible. EY teams can respond to a claim of any size, anywhere in the world. Regardless of the size of the loss, EY professionals help companies with the following throughout the claims process:

  • Focus on getting cash advances as quickly as possible 
  • Develop strategic claim recovery plans
  • Collect and manage voluminous data 
  • Measure the quantum of the claim 
  • Develop a good working relationship with the carriers 
  • Educate internal/external stakeholders on the claims process and the company’s business 

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