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EY teams can help you create long-term sustainability and ESG value through strategy, M&A, capital allocation, ESG due diligence and portfolio optimization.

What EY Strategy & Transactions Sustainability teams can do for you

There are many factors driving sustainability and wider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues to the top of your agenda: government incentives and regulations, investor standards, customer sentiment, and the views of your workforce and broader society. Organisations also transition through various stages of ESG and impact maturity. Whether you are a public or private company, government institution, investor or financial stakeholder, we can help you with this transition to:

  • Mitigate risks and reduce costs. 
  • Progress from a pure risk management focus to a differentiator in your markets.
  • Develop rich data sets and meaningful analysis.
  • Improve decision-making and increase operational performance through oversight, planning and resource efficiencies and improved employee productivity.
  • Protect and help create new sources of short and long-term value creation.
  • Create stakeholder buy-in and build a social license to operate.

In short, we can help you design and realise your ESG and sustainability ambitions. 

Our sector and functional depth of experience and the breadth of our integrated multidisciplinary capabilities across more than 120 countries help you design and deliver practical, value-creating sustainability strategy. We work with you to manage not only the financial value, but also the people, customer/commercial and societal impact of your ESG journey, while retaining a focus on the creation and protection of long-term value for all your stakeholders. 

We understand that every business has highly differentiated ESG challenges. Our multidisciplinary teams can assist you with your unique priorities, operating model and commercial ambition to navigate today’s complex environment, and help you to achieve your business objectives. We focus on real-world practical pathways to building a better future for you, your people, and your organisation.

Services and offerings

We are on your ESG and sustainability journey with you.

  • Risk

    It is important to identify material ESG risks, ensure these risks are managed, mitigated and communicated adequately to key stakeholders. The services offered by EY SaTS to facilitate this process focus on ensuring legal compliance, implementing correct governance processes including key labour standards, safeguarding the value you create, adapting to future trends, protecting your reputation, and continuously enhancing your brand value.

    • ESG due diligence assessments
    • Climate risk assessments
    • Occupational health and safety assessments
    • Specialist investigations
    • Environmental and social management systems
    • Environmental and social action plans  
    • Policies and procedure development
    • Capacity building and staff training
    • Correlation of ESG activities to income statement and balance sheet performance
  • Strategy

    To be effective, ESG management should form part of your overall business strategy. By developing and implementing a clearly defined ESG strategy integrated across your business, you can broaden market access, leverage new forms of funding, improve efficiencies, and develop a high performing culture within the organisation, conducive to achieving desired outcomes. EY SaTS provides strategic input, from early-stage development of an ESG strategy to updating and developing bespoke strategies, outputs, outcomes and impact.

    • Theory of Change and impact modelling
    • Strategy development
    • Stakeholder materiality mapping
    • Metrics and target setting
    • Organisational design and change-management
    • Compliance and certification
    •  Fund sourcing and applications  
  • Impact

    • A business does not operate within a vacuum. The community, region, and country in which it operates informs the level to which financial, manufactured, intellectual, natural, social, and human capital can be leveraged to create value for the business and within society. EY SaTS can help you maximise these value creation opportunities to strengthen your company’s social license to operate, differentiate you from your competitors, and enhances your brand and ability to access new markets.
    • Gap analysis and benchmarking
    • Portfolio review
    • Stakeholder materiality mapping
    • Theory of Change and impact modelling
    • Impact monitoring and evaluation
    • Correlating social impact with financial performance
    • Social return on investment
    • Linking financial capitals to UN SDGs
    • Corporate Social Investment programme development
    • Impact reporting 
  • Data

    Investors, regulators, and society at large are placing increased pressure on companies to report on their sustainability practices. Critical to this reporting is the management of ESG data and the presentation of such to investors in an accessible and relevant format. However, manually capturing and reporting ESG data effectively and adhering to the existing and emerging ESG regulations can be difficult, costly, and time consuming.

    EY SaTS software-enabled monitoring and reporting solution, ESG Active, constitutes a basket of integrated tools, customised for the purpose of conducting ESG and impact monitoring and reporting activities.

    Leveraging ESG Active, you can collect data and deliver dynamic reporting on ESG and impact performance more efficiently and cost effectively.

    • Data collection
    • Database management
    • Data modelling
    • Data screening, benchmarking, and prompting
    • Dashboard design
    • Reporting outputs
  • Strategic Communications & Reporting

    Communicating what you do as a business is critical to establishing a track record in ESG performance. The reason for communicating ESG performance varies, and EY SaTS can help you tailor bespoke communication pieces to articulate your ESG journey. This includes inputs to fund raising exercises, internal reporting for staff, senior management and the board, as well as sustainability reporting against international standards to external stakeholders on the company’s ESG and company performance.

    • Integrated reporting 
    • Sustainability reporting
    • ESG reporting
    • Impact reporting
    • TCFD reporting
    • SFDR/CSRD disclosures
    • Public disclosures
    • Stakeholder mapping and engagement planning
    • ESG communication strategy development
    • Content development  
  • Climate

    The need for net-zero pledges to evolve into net-zero plans is clear and urgent under the emerging climate economy. Quantifying and offsetting physical, transitional, and reputational climate risk is a new and complex challenge for many financial institutions and companies.  Pressure is mounting from clientele, investors, industry regulators, and governments for an adequate and tangible response to the climate emergency.

    Our commitment to our clients is to ensure that you have a firm and proactive grip on all aspects of essential climate-related legislation, policy, and guidelines. Our approach is to support you in getting where you need to be - from compliance to shared value creation and industry-leading good practice.

    EY SaTS holds a track-record in assisting clients mitigate climate risk and maximise the opportunities in the shift towards net-zero economies.

    • TCFD disclosures
    • SFDR disclosures
    • Carbon footprints
    • Climate scenario development
    • Climate risk assessments
    • Metric and target setting
    • Product labelling and disclosure
    • Compliance and certification
    • Carbon credits
    • Carbon trading
    • Carbon tax 

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