M&A tools: Connected Capital Technologies

Explore an integrated suite of M&A technologies that bring deeper analysis and faster insights to enable better decision-making around your capital and transaction strategies through to execution. Welcome to the future of M&A.

M&A dealmaking in a big data world

M&A is a complex, challenging combination of the right capital and transaction strategy and effective deal execution to drive value. Getting it right could mean staying ahead of your competition. Get it wrong and you may fall behind.

The reality is that our increasingly data-saturated world is making getting it right harder still. The future of M&A dealmaking means significantly more information needs to be captured, processed, analyzed and interpreted than ever before. Traditional means are no longer effective in delivering a competitive edge.

To unlock the power of this data, we are developing purpose-built M&A technologies and applications. We call them Connected Capital Technologies. Powered by leading technology including AI, automation and advanced analytics, the Connected Capital Technologies are tailored solutions that address the challenges of M&A, from origination to integration. They can be deployed either as an end-to-end suite or as individual applications.

Fueled by data. Powered by technology. Driven by people.

From growth strategy and portfolio reshaping to M&A, divestiture, post-merger integration and restructuring, the Connected Capital Technologies process massive volumes of internal and external structured and unstructured data. They enable EY professionals to help deliver actionable insights, at a faster pace and deeper level than before. The result can help you make better fact-based decisions to realize your M&A growth ambitions, to enable you to stay ahead. The Connected Capital Technologies span a range of applications, and here you can read more about our flagship investments.

Connected Capital Technologies to drive robust transaction execution and create M&A deal value

Deals are more competitive. Targets are harder to identify and even tougher to secure. How can technology help to set your strategy on the right journey toward realizing your growth ambitions through M&A?

  • EY Business Relationship Economic and Threat Analysis (EY BRETA)

    In today’s world, things are changing at an unprecedented speed and new technologies, unforeseen events and many other factors are disrupting companies globally. But what if tomorrow’s threats were detectable in today’s data? What if you could foresee these threats and neutralize them before they strike?

    EY Business Relationship Economic and Threat Analysis (BRETA) makes threats to your company visible and actionable. As a data driven, near real-time business relationship and economic threat identification and monitoring solution, it addresses today’s complex business environment by providing a multidimensional view of threats in your business relationship ecosystems. With EY BRETA’s capabilities and EY professionals’ deep sector knowledge and business know-how, we can help you develop options and respond strategically to address threats.

  • EY Embryonic

    As disruption continues to intensify, a traditional, linear approach to growth is not enough. The world is now built on ecosystems. Understanding your ecosystem, and those of your competitors, is critical to fast-tracking innovation. But many are challenged to build an effective approach.

    EY Embryonic is a powerful, cloud-based platform that brings ecosystems to life by mapping the flow of funds and M&A transactions and visualizing the relationships between traditional and innovative companies. EY Embryonic provides you with fast insights so you can make fact-based decisions on where to invest to transform your business for a better tomorrow.

Connected Capital Technologies to drive robust transaction execution and create deal value

Knowledge is power. From the volumes of information available on a deal, how can technology help you get the right insights at the right time at the right speed? To help you negotiate a deal, streamline processes and build better working deal teams who create value by skillfully managing the demands of the M&A deal life cycle.

  • Advanced analytics

    EY tech-enabled Strategy and Transactions advanced analytics teams help turn information into connected intelligent insights to help you make better informed decisions.

    Learn more about Advanced analytics


  • EY Capital Edge

    What if there was a way to help maximize both speed and value across a transaction? What if there was a technology that connected teams across multiple functional and geographical areas? What if you could execute a transaction faster, improve focus via a single source of truth and make more informed transaction decisions to unlock long-term value?

    With EY Capital Edge, “what if” doesn’t apply. EY Capital Edge is an agile end-to-end platform, supporting all aspects of the transaction life cycle. With over 30 apps to select from via the platform’s app store, you have access all in one place to the latest and most powerful EY tools and methods to help drive the successful execution of your transactions. Whether you are buying or selling a business, developing scenario modelling, forecasting or financial planning, EY Capital Edge can help you meet your objectives. Specifically developed to help deliver execution excellence, it supports real-time, global collaboration so that everyone is pulling in the same direction when it counts.

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