Photographic portrait of Robin Hutchinson
Translating the diverse needs of business into implementable, innovative technology.

Robin Hutchinson

EY Global Digital Products and Solutions Managing Partner

Passionate entrepreneur. Athlete and dad. Serial innovator.

Robin is a seasoned digital executive, leader, builder and innovator. He possess in-depth knowledge in operations, data science, technology and in building and executing business models. As a partner in EYEA LLP for over 20 years, he leads a global team that builds digital offerings for EY to use and sell in the market. These products are used by over 200,000 people within the EY organization and help deliver billions in revenue.

Robin has held many roles within the EY organization, including running some of our largest accounts, global roles in Advisory and our Markets business and in driving the build of our global delivery services offshore. He thrives on leveraging the combination of technical and business challenges. He has a passion for understanding the details of a venture, designing the ecosystem around it and laying the foundations for even more innovation in the future.

Lately, Robin has been leveraging his skills in an application for professional cycling; returning to another passion.

How Robin is building a better working world

“I develop products and ideas. I’m lucky to do this every day and to run a very talented team that does this across our global footprint. We build products that help clients and help EY teams to transform our services. I like science and digging in deep with ideas. I like to mix disciplines from economics, behavioral science, data analytics, machine learning, process automation with a deep background of developing technology and business models.”

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