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Understanding the current cyber risk landscape and the threats new technologies bring is critical for planning the long-term success of reliable and resilient operations.

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As the entire operating systems of oil and gas companies come online and connect seamlessly with the Internet of Things (IoT), their vulnerability and susceptibility to cyber attack increase exponentially. Digitalization must be simultaneously implemented with a robust cybersecurity framework.  

Responses to cyber attacks must be multilayered, repelling the most common attacks, with a nuanced approach for advanced and emerging threat vectors. Your framework should be agile enough to absorb and adapt to the complexities arising at any time from IoT integration, yet it must also adhere to the protocols governing technological tools such as robotic process automation, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

EY professionals can help you develop an effective cyber breach response plan that encompasses every point of interface, internally and externally. It should be regularly put on trial, and, when an attack occurs, it should be able to identify and isolate the invasive processes.

Use our resources to continually assess, understand and help manage risk exposure, both at an organizational level and for individual processes, functions, facilities, locations and technologies. We can help you align your digital and cybersecurity strategies with your business objectives to support a digital transformation. Let us help you achieve safety and sustainability across your organization.

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