Photographic portrait of Carl Rhodes
Change succeeds or fails through the thoughts, feelings and experiences of those asked to change. EY helps clients design, implement and monitor those experiences to ensure change success.

Carl Rhodes

EY Global People Advisory Services Managing Director & EY Global Change Insights Leader

Social scientist. Entrepreneur. Leader. Father. Minnesota Vikings fan. Poker player. Believes in the power of ideas, data, and technology to improve the working world.

As EY Global Lead for Change Insights, Carl helps clients solve problems of culture and change. 

Prior to EY, he was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a software company focussing on change management and executive education. He also served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an education and media company in the talent management space, and as the Content and Product Development Lead for the Human Resources (HR) division of one of the largest research companies in the world.

Carl began his career as a professor at the University of Cincinnati, teaching quantitative methods. He has always believed in the power, importance and value of using ideas, data and technology to improve daily lives of organizations and their employees.

Carl holds a PhD from Rice University, and a BS from Colorado College.

How Carl is building a better working world

Large-scale organizational changes succeed or fail based on the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of those who are asked to change. These collective experiences must be carefully designed, implemented and monitored. To do so at scale and speed requires an empathetic point of view combined with rigorous methods, timely and insightful data, enabling technology and lots of experience. Carl brings over 15 years of experience to clients in solving problems of change, culture and people with technology and data-enabled solutions.

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