Chad Schaefer
Every day, learning to lead, innovate and grow.

Chad Schaefer

EY Africa People Advisory Services Leader

A pathfinder. Always looking for meaningful business and life stories. Reads extensively, designs leather goods, collects hand-made knives, and loves his family.

Chad leads our People Advisory Services business across Africa. He is both a chartered accountant and experienced management consultant who specialises in leadership, strategy, innovation and business growth.

In his current role, Chad helps our clients to craft and implement solutions for leadership impact and effectiveness, engagement, culture, learning, behavior change, HR transformation, organisation design, transaction due diligence relative to HR, talent strategies, workforce planning, compensation and benefits, and cross-border mobility.

How Chad is building a better working world

Chad implements innovative solutions to help people learn, grow and prosper. He is a winner of the EY “Better begins with you” Innovation Award for helping employees to take advantage of flexible pay and put more take-home cash into their pockets.

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