Photographic portrait of Michael McGauran
We see fundamental changes in the way people borrow, save, invest, insure and transact … but so far only China has experienced a ‘Cambrian Explosion of Fintech.’

Michael McGauran

EY Asia-Pacific Banking & Capital Markets Transactions & Strategy Leader

Strategic thought leader for Asian financial and consumer markets. Investor. Musician. CrossFitter.

Michael works with investors and financial institutions to create corporate strategy and help reshape organizations and their portfolios to grow, transform, or defend their business. He has deep experience and insights into the dynamics of local Asian economies.

Michael has helped clients assess investment and divestment opportunities in banking, insurance, and fintech; create emerging digital payment strategies; and reorganize the top management team of a leading bank around major customer segments.

Prior to joining EY, Michael held senior roles at a universal bank where he served on boards and investment committees of its private equity funds, infrastructure funds, and portfolio companies. Michael has lived and worked in dozens of countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. He started his career in consulting and banking and has an MBA in Strategy & Corporate Finance from INSEAD.

How Michael is building a better working world

“I work with business leaders, investors and policy makers on some of the most complex and intricate topics, often under high ambiguity and with diverse stakeholders or conflicting agendas.

Today’s business models are increasingly threatened by digital disruptors or rapidly transforming incumbents; my team and I help answer questions like where to compete, how to transform, what to concede, when to double down and when to cut losses. We increase rigor and clarity around the hard decisions EY clients are making more and more frequently.”

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