Photographic portriat of Robert J Stall
The convergence of peak steel demand and a greater focus on reducing carbon emissions will continue to put pressure on both the extent and methods of steel production going forward.

Robert J. Stall

EY US Mining & Metals Leader

Transaction advisory lead in mining and metals, solving acquisition, divestiture and capital allocation challenges in a time of disruption. Avid outdoorsman, cook, wine enthusiast and father.

Bob is the US Mining & Metals and Americas Transaction Advisory Mining & Metals Leader, with extensive experience in advising clients through the transaction life cycle across a wide range of commodities. Active in the valuation industry since 1987, Bob has performed and directed valuation studies for tax reporting, financial accounting purposes and in support of financial and international tax planning needs. He has provided valuation and consulting services in over 30 countries. In addition, Bob has extensive valuation experience for litigation purposes. Bob holds BSc in Accounting and Finance from Miami University.

How Robert is building a better working world

“In my work with clients, I focus on helping them meet the needs of their clients and stakeholders. With commodity cycles in mind, it is imperative that clients not only manage the near term but also have a long-term strategy that positions them for outsized returns at the peak of the market and prepares them to weather the downturns. This can include acquisition and divestiture strategies, as well as capital allocation for organic growth and their ability to meet investor sustainability expectations.”

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