Photographic portrait of Rudolf Böhlke
In a world of unprecedented complexity and opportunity, it is crucial for any business to make new connections and find new ways of innovating.

Rudolf Böhlke

EY wavespace™ Europe West Leader

Joined EY over 25 years ago. Started his Marketing career within the food and beverage and health care industries. Father of three girls. Loves life, sailing, photography and definitely his kids.

Rudolf is the EY wavespace Europe West Leader and oversees all wavespace centers across the Germany-Switzerland-Austria (GSA) Region.

Continually seeking for better ways of working and inspiring human ingenuity, Rudolf has long-standing experience in leading virtual teams at the regional and global levels, and a strong track record in team development, innovative and disruptive project design and execution, as well as change management.

Rudolf is an intercultural and sophisticated strategy, marketing, communications, and business development professional.

Over the last 25 years, Rudolf has been associated with a diversity of innovative approaches: in the late ’90s he published much-discussed future scenarios for the food and beverage industry, the health care market and corporates in general. As part of a global task force, he helped manage the acquisition of EY consulting services. In addition, Rudolf integrated the organization’s offshore capabilities into the EY GSA Markets Enablement function.

How Rudolf is building a better working world

“Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is the beginning, staying together is the progress and working together is the success.”  I truly believe this is more true than ever in our complex and fast-moving world. Together with EY teams I help businesses to thrive in the Transformative Age by curating talent, technology and methodology to co-create meaningful outcomes – faster”.


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