Photographic portrait of Sean Gunasekera
To breach an environment, the cybercriminal only needs to be lucky once. By using innovative and emerging technologies, organizations can improve the odds against this.

Sean Gunasekera

EY Asean Financial Services Cybersecurity Leader

Avid learner. World explorer. Cybersecurity enthusiast.

Sean is the EY Asean Financial Services Cybersecurity Leader, responsible for managing the cybersecurity capabilities of financial institutions across Southeast Asia and helping them to address cyber risks using innovative technologies.

Prior to joining EY, Sean held various cybersecurity roles in system integration and professional services companies. He also served clients from other industries, such as pharmaceuticals, resources and utilities.

How Sean is building a better working world

“As cyber threats evolve, organizations face a greater risk of operational disruptions, regulatory non-compliance and reputational damage resulting from cyber attacks.

I build a better working world by helping clients to address their continuously evolving cybersecurity risks in an efficient and effective manner, while giving them the flexibility to leverage new technologies in a more secure environment.”

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