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In the video series, “Real World Strategy: Actionable Insights for the New Now,” EY-Parthenon executives discuss how CEOs can develop a strategy that is both ambitious and actionable.

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How CEOs use scenario planning to adjust corporate strategy

After moving past the initial pandemic shocks, CEOs are focusing on how their strategy and operations need to change for 2021 and beyond. Learn more.

15 Feb 2021 Bill Casey

How CEOs are rethinking strategy development

Strategy formulation is changing. Competition is coming from new places and the needs of multiple stakeholders, not just shareholders, must be addressed.

15 Feb 2021 Juan Uro

Why now might be the best time in years to pursue M&A

Growth opportunities through mergers and acquisitions may require fresh strategy in digital due diligence and M&A integration.

16 Feb 2021 Brian Salsberg

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How divestitures can supercharge your strategy

To succeed, companies need the ability to generate capital for reinvestment in the next generation of technological systems and solutions.

15 Feb 2021 Mitch Berlin

How companies can improve their return on digital investments

M&A can drive digital transformation, but talent, resources, operating model and strategy are key to success.

16 Feb 2021 Laura McGarrity

How cash and capital investment can drive growth beyond the pandemic

EY executives discuss how companies can emerge stronger after the pandemic and reshape their businesses in a more sustainable way.

16 Feb 2021 EY Global

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