Photographic portrait of Craig M. Frabotta
Innovation mixed with entrepreneurial spirt and a heavy dose of calculated risk-taking is the formula for turning “What if…” into “What is.” Those who take on that risk should be rewarded.

Craig M. Frabotta

EY Global Research Credit Leader; EY Americas Global Incentives, Innovation and Location Services Leader

Hard-working and accountable. Strong client advocate. Avid sports fan and long-time youth sports coach. Loving husband and father of three boys.

Áreas de especialización Tax Tax planning Innovación y Transformación
Oficina Cleveland, US

Craig is a member of the EY National Tax Department and serves as the EY Global Research Credit Leader as well as the EY Americas Global Incentives, Innovation and Location Services (GIILS) Leader. In these roles, Craig works with his clients across the globe to leverage their past, present and future research and development activities to secure funding from a wide variety of jurisdictions.

Craig was previously the US East Central Region’s Quantitative Services Leader and Tax Policy & Controversy Leader.

Craig holds a BSBA from John Carroll University as well as a JD and MBA from the University of Akron.

How Craig is building a better working world

“Regardless of the size or sector, I have a passion for helping clients secure funding to advance their R&D agenda whether that be to create new products or processes or to improve existing ones. I have been building a better working world over the past 20-plus years by helping clients access hundreds of millions of dollars they were then able to reinvest in their companies. This money was used to develop a variety of new technologies – from new washing machines to new jet engines to new vaccines – all while creating high-tech and innovation-related jobs.”

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